Buying Guide

We pay cash* for Ladies Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Handbags.

*We also offer up to 20% more in store credit! 


The Steps for an Easy Buying Process



1. Clean Out Your Closet.

*We buy trendy, current Fashions in excellent condition! (NO vintage/"classic" items).

*All Clothes must be on Hangers.  

*We Buy Seasonal Items(unsure of the season call us)





2.  Call 619.460.2606 for an Appointment.

* Call for same day appointment Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday only

*We  Answer phones starting  at 9:30

*First Call-First Serve-We fill up Fast!



3. We Pay Cash For your Clothes.

*Trade in Credit and Deals

*Shop while we Appraise your items

*If you follow the above guidelines, chances are your items will be ones that we are interested in purchasing!

*Thank you for your interest in selling to ACT II.